• Children drown not just in swimming pools or in the sea, but in buckets, baths, paddling pools, koi ponds, toilets and drains.
  • Some 90% of children who drown are under some sort of adult supervision at the time.
  • Drowning is one of the top causes of unnatural deaths among children in the world.
  • For every child that dies from drowning, five are left with permanent brain damage from oxygen-deprivation in near-drowning incidents.


Swimming safety at the beach.

  • The ocean is unpredictable!!!
  • Always swim within the red and yellow flags.
  • Never swim on your own and never allow children to swim unsupervised.
  • Rip currents can carry you far from the shore before you know what's happening.


Swimming safety around the pool.

  • Children should be taught to swim as soon as possible.
  • Far too many pool drownings take place because everyone thought 'someone else was watching'.
  • If people with children are visiting your home, be extra vigilant around the pool.


Safety in rivers and dams.

  • As a first precaution, all people who are swimming in rivers or dams should wear a lifejacket - whether they can swim or not.
  • Murky water makes it almost impossible to find someone quickly if they fall in a river or dam, or get into trouble while swimming.
  • It's also very important to be aware and make children aware, never to dive into any body of water that they don't know the deph of.